Advisory services focused on accelerating innovation and the adoption of sustainable business strategies, renewable energy and technologies in pursuit of the circular economy. 


Planet & Company Inc. offers a broad range of advisory services to management and boards focused on developing and accelerating implementation of sustainable business strategies.

Nigel Etherington, Principal, founded Planet & Company with premise that:

  • corporations, and citizens alike, can wait no longer to restore the imbalance between environmental stewardship and a productive economy; 
  • commercial sustainability is not a 'zero-sum' game that wins only at a cost to the environment;
  • our industrial model must be transformed from 'take-make-waste' to 'reduce-reuse-recycle'; and

  • technology innovation and renewable energy must be lead the transformation to a circular economy.


Nigel brings thirty years of leadership experience with premier global management and technical consulting  firms to  - and employed by - both Fortune 1000 companies and business start-ups.  He teams with like-minded partners and clients to advise, finance and implement projects, performance improvement and sustainability strategies. Typical advisory assignments include:


  • Business & operations strategies;
  • Renewable energy and distributed energy project development;
  • International market entry & partnering strategies;
  • Financing and project acquisition due diligence;


Contact Planet & Company if you have a question to answer, a problem to solve, or just an exciting opportunity to explore.  We are here to serve you.